Stone Haven Labradors Breeding Program

  Every breeding is planned to produce the highest quality of puppies. We strive for puppies that are healthy and calm with the temperament that Labradors are noted for. All our puppies are raised in our home in a family environment.  Puppies are bottle fed from birth in addition to nursing from their mother.  We have seen that bottle feeing our puppies strengthens the bond of love and devotion that they share with their human parents.  Our puppies are truly home raised.  They reside in the center of our home where they adjust to the sounds of everyday life.  Puppies learn by looking to us for guidance, approval and love.  Like with children, puppies learn what they live.  This is just the beginning of the socialization that each puppy receives.  In addition, each puppy is temperament tested to match the perfect puppy with the right family.  By the time the puppies reach 6-7 weeks of age, we know each one and their individual personality.  This will enable us to help the new owners pick the puppy that is right for them.
Weekly photo updates help our families share in their new puppy’s growth and development.  We encourage visiting to help the puppies bond with their new family before they leave our home.
Each puppy will receive a complete physical examination by our trusted veterinarian, and their first series of scheduled vaccinations.  All puppies go home with their AKC Litter Registration, Pedigree, Health Folder, State of Florida Health Certificate and AKC Reunite Micro-Chip Registration.  In addition, each puppy goes home with a copy of our personal book of care instructions, training tips, shopping list and other information that we have complied from over 38 years’ experience with this wonderful breed.  
Our puppies are $2000.00.  All puppies are sold with an AKC Limited Registration.  Sorry, but we are not comfortable in shipping puppies.  We would be happy to meet you at one of our local airports so that your puppy can travel in the cabin with you.
We hope that by the time a puppy leaves our home their new family will know that we are here to answer any questions or help in areas of uncertainty.  A dedicated breeder does not just raise puppies and send them home.   A large part of our responsibility as a breeder is to help educate the public about this wonderful breed.
Please feel free to call or e-mail for additional information.  We love talking about our girls and their puppies.

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